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  22nd Apr 2010 - 19:28 22nd Apr 2010
Colin Hicks
PAH Accounting

very informative and will tweek a bit to improve MIGHTY COLIN

  23rd Apr 2010 - 11:50 23rd Apr 2010
Dave Hill
Southern Cartridges ...

Its good to see continual improvement in the brand message. Our meetings in Yeovil are generally pretty good at conforming to the prescribed timings etc. but like most others we need to keep on tweaking to get it spot on.

  26th Apr 2010 - 12:47 26th Apr 2010
Jenny MacLean
EnergyWise Health & ...

The Edinburgh teams had a training/update session where we went through the team roles before we were encouraged to watch the videos which was really helpful. As an op's assistant it clarified a few things for me & I think we were slicker for our next meeting after having done this.

I agree that it would be helpful to have an individual video for each of the team roles for those who aren't lucky enough to be able to have 1-1 training input before actually getting out there & doing it.

Still occasionally humming that catchy/annoying 'smile meet chat join 4Networking' jingle several weeks later though - aaarggghhhh!!!

  26th Apr 2010 - 13:48 26th Apr 2010

In the videos..........hate the 'jingle'! Although it's fulfilled its purpose because I just can't stop singing the damn thing!

Videos certainly encouraged us to make sure we stick to the script which, as a GL who reads it every meeting, can make you feel slightly "straight-jacketed". However I can see the benefits and "will try better next time". Therefore I voted "tweak".

For new people coming to these group roles, I think they are excellent. And for those of us that have been doing it for a while now, it gives us a "kick" to remind us to 'keep it slick'!

Great stuff 4N. Keep them coming.

  26th Apr 2010 - 18:18 26th Apr 2010
Rob Hartshorn
Sales Elevation Ltd


Good to have the videos. A little repetitive in some areas but good for consistency and as a reminder of some of the small things that we tend to forgeton accoassions.

I agree there should be more consistency about how we communicate with those that have already booked and those we'd like to encourage to come. At present, this is different for every group which seems rather strange given the emphasis on consistency of brand and message. Why is there no standrad email and procedure for this apsect? There seems to be standard templates for just about every other communication with members!


  26th Apr 2010 - 23:08 26th Apr 2010
Helen Silver
The Property Styling...

I saw the videos at the AL conference and thought they were great and that Mark had done a good job.

I have fantastic team members who are all supportive of each other and I reckon they/we all know how an ideal meeting should be run. Doesn't do any harm to tweak the meetings especially if the team have been in place for a while. Excellent comments from Amanda and Adrian - the MA role out of all of them is the one most have difficulty finding their feet with.... if they dont come from a marketing background.

  27th Apr 2010 - 15:24 27th Apr 2010
Amanda Hill (The Soc...
The Social Media Caf...

They were fun and made me smile.. would be useful to have an idea of Marketing Role expectations but I am sure I will get that next week... see so new in the role haven't been to meeting yet.. but trying very hard...

  27th Apr 2010 - 16:51 27th Apr 2010
Sue Farrance

I voted tweak.....still think that there needs to be more consistency as groups run differently with regards to roles and hopefully this can assist with that. many team members do not even come onto the forum or just once in a blue moon-will this give a true reflection of views or just a snapshot as I would guess that some team members are not even aware of the vids

  28th Apr 2010 - 10:52 28th Apr 2010
Paul Dean
Crimson Leaf Copywri...

I'll add to the overwhelming cry for something specific to MA's.

  30th Apr 2010 - 08:03 30th Apr 2010
Peter Smith
The Better Business ...
Quote:Improve the reception layout.

Once you have watched all 4 4 minute training videos on Running a 4Networking meeting, please complete this short poll:

POLL question: What will you do now?

We'd also love to hear exactly what you intend to do differently so that we can assess the impact of this type of video training.

Thanks all

  1st May 2010 - 18:15 1st May 2010
Andy Gibney
No Brain No Gain

Videos are always a good idea, but I concur with Lynda. The script is getting longer and more unmanageable all the time. I think it needs a radical overhaul. I am the breakfast club chairman for the local FSB group and have one side of A4 and that's it. I feel quite sorry for GL's sometimes, it's just too long.

  8th May 2010 - 08:53 8th May 2010
Brian Skeggs
the I T Gentleman
Quote: many team members do not even come onto the forum or just once in a blue moon-will this give a true reflection of views or just a snapshot as I would guess that some team members are not even aware of the vids

I also voted "tweak" after which the summary popped up. I was surprised to see only 48 votes in the three weeks since this poll was started. With over 200 groups there ought to be well over 600 (plus ALs?) voting.

As it happens I came across this poll almost by accident this morning. So, I went to check My Team page again.

First of all, to even see the videos exist I had to scoll down below the upcoming events section, which makes me suspect a number of people don't know they're there.

Secondly, I know of several people who couldn't play the videos because they didn't have the right browser configuration (the ones I know about have been helped to resolve this).

And third, I have to confess, it wasn't until I re-read the announcement that I found there is a link to this poll! My excuse (feeble though it might be) is that I've only been Ops for two meetings and I'm still untangling the ropes, let alone learning them!

To get more responses to this poll I would suggest a new announcement on "My Team" with the title "Team videos - have you voted?" and the pop up a simple "Once you have watched the videos, please click this link and complete the short poll"

  9th May 2010 - 20:49 9th May 2010
Bruce Taylor
Ology Coaching

I voted TWEAK..I belive we need to add more energy to our meetings and get a bit more "banter" going...encourage everyone to "get out of thier confort zones".

The best meetings are those that have massive participation by everyone attending

Thanks for the opportunity to contribute

  11th May 2010 - 08:32 11th May 2010
Spencer Thomson
The Recession Buster

Great videos which helped re-inforce the main points of our meetings. Will catch up with my fellow team members to implement some small tweaks to ensure the meetings are of the highest standard.


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