Hello from Bright Paws

  28th Jul 2010 - 22:47 28th Jul 2010
Rebecca Armstrong
Bright Paws Limited

Hello from Bright Paws

Hello everyone, I am Becky and I run Bright Paws - a business based in the North East offering canine behaviour and massage therapy

I am also an animal communicator which is a phone based service offered worldwide

Through our website we offer a range of pet products for and are proud of our very unique and convenient pet food club - offering convenience and value for money for our customers.

If you are a pet owner we would love to help you save money, give you free loyalty offers and give you a convenient service :-)


  29th Jul 2010 - 00:16 29th Jul 2010
Brett Jones
Envisage Artwork

Hi Becky, Welcome to 4N and the forum

  29th Jul 2010 - 06:50 29th Jul 2010

Hi Becky, welcome to 4N and the forum

  29th Jul 2010 - 07:43 29th Jul 2010
Frank Rickards
S3 Logistics

Hi Rebbeca welcome to 4N and the forum

  29th Jul 2010 - 09:53 29th Jul 2010
Karen Johnson
Karen Johnson

Good morning and welcome!

  29th Jul 2010 - 09:56 29th Jul 2010
Lizzie Bee
Funky Fresh (No long...

Welcome to 4N Becky, I'm really glad you've decided to join us :)

  29th Jul 2010 - 11:29 29th Jul 2010
Rajeev Gupta
eTraining Skill Ltd
Hi becky

Good to see you here, I hope that you'll have a great time here. Would love to interact with you.

Best Regards
  29th Jul 2010 - 17:30 29th Jul 2010
Mira Taylor
Avid PR

How fab - I've got two mental little Dalmatian pups so will definitely check it out. Welcome to 4N.

  29th Jul 2010 - 17:45 29th Jul 2010
Steve Davis
Instyle Marketing

Hi Becky

Welcome to 4N best networking around:)

  30th Jul 2010 - 15:26 30th Jul 2010
Nick Elston
Nick Elston

Hi Becky, welcome to 4Networking - enjoy! :(

  30th Jul 2010 - 17:44 30th Jul 2010

Hi, Welcome to 4N. I'm sure you will enjoy

  30th Jul 2010 - 22:42 30th Jul 2010
Rebecca Armstrong
Sparkle People & Dev...

Thanks everyone :-)

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