Hello from Bright Paws

28th Jul 2010
Rebecca Armstrong
Bright Paws Limited

Hello from Bright Paws

Hello everyone, I am Becky and I run Bright Paws - a business based in the North East offering canine behaviour and massage therapy

I am also an animal communicator which is a phone based service offered worldwide

Through our website we offer a range of pet products for and are proud of our very unique and convenient pet food club - offering convenience and value for money for our customers.

If you are a pet owner we would love to help you save money, give you free loyalty offers and give you a convenient service :-)


29th Jul 2010
Brett Jones
Midar Solutions

Hi Becky, Welcome to 4N and the forum

29th Jul 2010

Hi Becky, welcome to 4N and the forum

29th Jul 2010
Frank Rickards
S3 Logistics

Hi Rebbeca welcome to 4N and the forum

29th Jul 2010
Karen Johnson
Bourne Learning

Good morning and welcome!

29th Jul 2010

Welcome to 4N Becky, I'm really glad you've decided to join us :)

29th Jul 2010
Rajeev Gupta
eTraining Skill Ltd
Hi becky

Good to see you here, I hope that you'll have a great time here. Would love to interact with you.

Best Regards
29th Jul 2010
Mira Taylor
Avid PR

How fab - I've got two mental little Dalmatian pups so will definitely check it out. Welcome to 4N.

29th Jul 2010
Steve Davis
Instyle Marketing

Hi Becky

Welcome to 4N best networking around:)

30th Jul 2010
Nick Elston

Hi Becky, welcome to 4Networking - enjoy! :(

30th Jul 2010

Hi, Welcome to 4N. I'm sure you will enjoy

30th Jul 2010
Rebecca Armstrong
Sparkle People & Dev...

Thanks everyone :-)

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