6th Mar 2011 - 17:12 6th Mar 2011
Clare Flint
Clare Flint Personal...


Since Fri 4th March 24/7 we are getting calls to our business line with "UNAVAILABLE out of area coming up on the caller id display.

BT say is an overseas auto dialer & they can do nothing

So we are getting these called every 5 minutes

TPS in place
Cannot barr them as no number to barr?

Help !!

At night we have to switch 1571 to answerphone ie no rings/ on answer.. as they continue through the night.

Any help gratefully received..

PS we do not want to change a well advertised & long standing Tel number




  6th Mar 2011 - 18:07 6th Mar 2011

BT offer an all-or-nothing option of anonymous call reject option but it's chargeable and will also reject calls from places like your bank who routinely withhold their number.

Plus the service is chargeable as far as I'm aware.


  6th Mar 2011 - 18:39 6th Mar 2011
Clare Flint
Clare Flint Personal...

Hi Trevor

40 calls since 0300am today ...

BT say choose ro refuse is on trial free for a month

BT cannot offer that service choose to refuse and no number is coming up !!

+ I am registered with TPS
It may me a UPS tracker/GPS !!


  6th Mar 2011 - 19:02 6th Mar 2011
Steve Daniels
Posilan Ltd

Hopefully they will stop as quickly as they started, but as they are international calls, theres not a lot the telco can do.

If it does not stop, you could look at this gadget: - it basically screens all calls before your phone rings.

I use an Asterisk server which you can do similar functionality with depending on the callers incoming caller ID (or lack of it).


  6th Mar 2011 - 20:48 6th Mar 2011
Carl Nixon
Excel Expert Ltd

Could it be a fax on redial? I've had that before

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