Energy efficient bulbs

  28th Mar 2011 - 20:46 28th Mar 2011
Traci Valentine
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Energy efficient bulbs

Dear all,

I have a contact who owns a large gym/fitness studio. At present he is using un-economical light bulbs, he needs to source lighting with the added advantage of cutting costs. Please could anyone help me.

kindest regards


  28th Mar 2011 - 22:27 28th Mar 2011
Chris Lambert
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If you could DM me some more details on the type of bulbs he's looking for and the quantity I can speak to some of my suppliers and see if there is anything they coudl do. I can then put him in touch rather than dealing with it myself.

  29th Mar 2011 - 08:01 29th Mar 2011
Chris Bown
Mr Content


Contact Simon Thornton - lots of expert knowledge about low energy lighting (read through all of his profile). I have introduced Simon to an electrical contractor friend, so can vouch for his expertise in the field.

  29th Mar 2011 - 13:16 29th Mar 2011
Ben Gardiner
Blue Gekko

Hi Traci

Get in touch with your namesake and fellow UW distributor Tracy Bartley.  Tracy does LED lights, as you will see from her profile.



  29th Mar 2011 - 14:16 29th Mar 2011
Nick French
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Have a chat with Stephen Brockbank - it's his specialty

  29th Mar 2011 - 20:54 29th Mar 2011
Mike Edward
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He should also consider installing Solar Panels. That way he would benefit from using the electricity that he generates and gets paid for doing so!  Feed In Tariff goes up on Friday by 4.8% up to £2,096 per year return, tax free and index linked.

Simple business loans are also available.

Mike E

  29th Mar 2011 - 21:52 29th Mar 2011
Dominique Emmans
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Try Dee Bodle of DE Energy Solutions,4N Doncaster. That's all she does. Energy efficient light bulbs and she is international, not just national
  29th Mar 2011 - 23:29 29th Mar 2011
Dee Bodle
DE Energy Solutions ...

Dear all,

I have a contact who owns a large gym/fitness studio. At present he is using un-economical light bulbs, he needs to source lighting with the added advantage of cutting costs. Please could anyone help me.

kindest regards




  30th Mar 2011 - 14:15 30th Mar 2011
Andrew Mears
Amber Moves

Dear tracey,

Colin Phipps of Carbon Friendly Lighting would be able to help. tel: 01923 256700 mob: 07951 958605 email:

He is able to save up to 60% per annum on your lighting bills with his bulb system.

All the best,

Andrew Mears, Amber Moves

  31st Mar 2011 - 08:46 31st Mar 2011
Stephen Brockbank
Solas Lights for Life

Thanks Nick for your comment

Hi Tracey,

My speciality is working with companies like your friend's to cut energy consumption using low energy lighting.

I work across the board and can source very high quality LED products (most British made and fully traceable) for most situations.  With an overview of the areas in the Gym, the lighting being used currently and how many hours usage per day I can provide full energy comparisons for before and after as well as helping to find low cost finance to pay for the upgrade out of the savings made.

LED is a fast developing, new technology and there is a lot of mis-marketing going on.  The steps I would recommend for ensuring the lighting will do your job are:

1. Ask the supplier if they know what lumen output and lumens per Watt the proposed lights will provide.

2. Buy a small number of lights, possibly from a couple of sources, and try them out side by side - you will be amazed at the differences.

(I had to exchange lights returned on a job because I 'upgraded' the lights for certain areas in the flats.  Although they gave more light, the light quality was slightly different and they had a narrower beam angle.  The client decided to go for the older product because they preferred the light distribution.)

3. Look for signs of longevity.  

  - How much metal do the lights have? this keeps them cool, stopping the LEDs overheating and degrading prematurely.

  - Do they have an integrated or remote driver.  An integrated driver is usually cheaper, but the chances of failure are higher and if it does, then you have to replace the whole light.

4. How much does the supplier trust their products? Most of the products I recommend come with at a 3-5 year guarantee (assuming correct installation).

I also work with special effect lighting and design.  I have done one and am in the design phase of a second Spin Class room for Edinburgh Leisure.  See my website for pictures.

If I can be of any service or give any advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch.




  31st Mar 2011 - 22:14 31st Mar 2011
Dee Bodle
DE Energy Solutions ...


We specialise in LED lighting and would be happy to visit your client with you if you want, do you know what type of lighting they have at the moment which they want to change? Reason I ask is that some of the LED's are now straight replacements.

Cheers Dee

Dee Bodle

DE Energy Solutions Ltd



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