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Matt Spivey
Neva Consultants Vehicle Leasing

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  • Car leasing,van leasing,vehicle leasing
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  • Car Finance for new starts and poor credit.
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Who'd like a beautiful new car on the drive? Contact me if you'd like to make the neighbours jealous.

Or a van that does the business proud? Smart, reliable and a moving advert for a fixed, predictable monthly cost.

If you are just starting out in business and need a smart vehicle to promote your brand and give the right impression then we can help you as a number of our funders specialise in new enterprises including, in some cases, businesses yet to trade.

Neva Consultants is an independent vehicle leasing & contract hire specialist. We always have a great selection of car and van leasing deals to ensure our business & personal customers all benefit from our massive purchasing power. If you'd like to know if leasing could work for you, please get in touch. Please feel free to read my blogs at

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