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Paul Drake
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My Company Information

I'm Paul Drake. I'm an independent designer and builder of high quality websites, mainly for small and medium-sized business.

I take your requirements, your personality and your Company’s values and weave them into a beautiful web site that will raise your profile on the web and help drive your sales.

It’s all about you

The important thing to me is that I deliver the website that you and your business deserve.  After all, once the site is live I won’t have too much to do with it.  For you it is the centre of your business.  You need to be completely happy with it.  That’s why I work closely with you throughout the process, making sure I deliver what you want and need, not what I want .  

You deserve excellent service

Customer service is as important to me as the finished product.  I want you to be so happy with the entire experience that you will recommend me to others without hesitation.  A satisfied customer is the best advertising I can get.

Technology that works for you

I use a system called Drupal to build your website (it’s a bit like WordPress which most people have heard of).  This allows me to build in advanced features quickly and easily.  Features like mobile device support, so your site is as usable on a smartphone or tablet as it is on a desktop. It's also really secure from hackers - even The Whitehouse useit!

It also means that I can give you access to manage your own content easily so adding that new product in or updating your blog is as easy as typing a letter.

The other advantage is that you get a completely unique site every time.  I don’t start with an easily recognisable template, so your site won’t be a clone of others in your business field.

About Paul Drake

I have been in the IT business since I left school - more than 30 years ago.  I realised long ago that what I like best is to learn new things - I pick up technology very quickly.  When I’m exposed to something new I just want to see what it can do and how it works.  This was the reason I got into IT in the first place and what kept me there all this time.  


Eventually I got bored with the office politics and lack of freedom to learn, so I set up my own business. Now every day is a learning experience – new technologies, business networking, marketing, finance.  I can honestly say that I am enjoying every minute of it.


My other passion is Fencing – yes, the sort with swords, not the kind you find in gardens!  I am an accomplished epeeist, having represented Great Britain in the European Veteran’s Championships in 2011.  My thirst for knowledge also extends to fencing – I am a qualified Armourer.  This means that I understand the weapons and kit and am qualified to repair it all.


I have been married since 1987 and currently have 3 cats.  I adore all 4 of them!