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Sunjay Singh
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Life Media UK is a professional video production company in Bristol.

We create promotional films, video blogs, testimonial films, cover live events and more.

We have passion

We are passionate film makers. This passion is applied to all of our projects, regardless of  budget, so we deliver products that truly engage your target audience. Its this delightful cocktail of our passion mixed with your vision, that ensures everything we produce is engaging.

We make friends

The relationships we build with our clients is far from superficial, we become friends. We spend time getting to know our clients so we can create films that represent their values. The end result is a unique product that matches our clients brand identity and ethos. This evocative aspect of our films allows the audience to relate on an emotional level making our clients extremely memorable.

We know what works

We have the knowledge and understanding of a plethora of target audiences. We know works, we understand the best way to communicate. Our films strive to be beautiful but to also fufil a (usually) business driven purpose. Our films may have one focus or many, but we work with our clients to achieve their goals making sure our films deliver results and are effective at doing so.

About Sunjay Singh

I work for Life Media UK which is an award winning video production company.

We specalise in creating films that not only look incredible but also achieve marketing goals. We've been running for 5 years now and our portfolio is an eclectic mix containing SMEs through to large corporations. Our cilents include the University of Bristol, Calor Gas, Kelsey publishing, Brothers Cider and more. 

To see more of our work head to

As for me, well I'm a friendly approachable guy who is happy to help fellow 4Ners. If you've got a question about video marketing then feel free to get in touch, don't worry, I won't start spilling a sales pitch down the phone. I'm happy to help guide people who are looking to create their own video marketing and I'm also happy to showcase our services if you need them.