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Melissa Wilkinson
Money Saving Mel

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The Discount Club 

The Utility Warehouse Discount club is a British PLC company, based in London, so has a uk call center. It provides 5 main house hold services (Home phone & broadband, Mobile phone, & gas & electric), all on one simple monthly bill. We also are partnered with 1000's of high street & online retailers, so every time you shop with them, it gives you money off your bill. We have many more benifits to the club, & it my job to see if i can cut your bills & show you the benifits.



My house hold is a Utility Warehouse customer also, so i have experience from the other side too. We reguarly win awards for great customer service, & all my customers are welcome to contact me personally as their personal account assistant, should they wish to use me.



So if you would like to know more, lets grab a coffee, & il show you the benifits, which could result in  paying some of your business cost for you. Now wouldn't that be great?



The Business Oppotunity



If you are looking for some extra income & like to help others, give me a shout for more info. I will always train & welcome anyone on my team who is; friendly, motivated, & teachable. All training provided by myself & the company.























About Melissa Wilkinson

I  have lived in Longton, near preston, nearly all my live. I have not meet prince charming yet, so the only babies in my life are my two lovely nieces, & pet guinea pig Nosey. 

I am a socialble, caring, & passionate person, who loves to spend time with family & friends. I love; helping others, a good old sing song in my car when i think know one is watching (who else does this?), love disney, cinema, eating out, & fancy dress. 

I decided after studying & trying different jobs, including hospitality management, retail, & classroom assistant, that my passion involved helping people.  So i became a mature student at Uclan university, currently studying Counselling & Psychotherapy, with Health studies.

During my degree, i came across a business opportunity (If i meet you, i love to share my story), helping others save money on their houseold bills. Seemed like a great idea to get paid to help others, & i quickly began to love it, especially getting a great feeling inside when you help people save & make lives bit easier too :)

Right thats enough about me, please contact me for a chat or help with anything. Or better still, come to Preston group & lets have coffee.