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Justin Widdop
Choose Purple Ltd

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8th Aug 2014
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  • Design & Digital Marketing
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Choose Purple are all about design & digital marketing. Our mission is to help your business entice more clients and make a bigger impact by offering the following services:
- Website design
- Graphic design and print
- Video production
- Social media management
- Promotional products 
- SEO (search engine optimisation)

Our intention is clear and constant - we are here to help your business achieve its goals and objectives. Whether through your online presence, design or print we will add our expertise to what you currently do with the aim of remarkable results

Whatever the project, we love to produce results that we are both proud of; that is always our aim. We don't believe in boring, bland or beige - we believe in purple.
About Justin Widdop

After a number of years overseeing the development and growth of a number of social enterprises it was time to launch Choose Purple. 

My drive is to help businesses and organisations grow and develop. I want to add value and play my part in helping businesses achaieve their goals and objectives. That is the heart of Choose Purple and we do this through design and digital marketing. We are not a factory that just ploughs out average websites and videos. We don't just run social media accounts and gain you aimless followeers. We refuse to cut corners.If you want to make entice for clients and make a bigger impact then do talk to me. 

Ignore beige and go remarkable!