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Grief Recovery is a not for profit training company dedicated to teaching the Grief Recovery Method - the action programme for moving beyond death, divorce and other losses. 

There are both open programmes and bespoke options including:

Grief Recovery Certification Training - a complete package that allows the graduate to offer Grief Recovery Programmes under licence from Grief Recovery (UK) 

What to Say - a 1/2 day programme aimed at helping employees say the right thing to your clients and also what never to say.

Speaker services on the topics of grief, loss and recovery

Bereavement & loss consultancy

About Carole Henderson

Until 2006 I had a long and successful career in Marketing Communications in both the travel industry and the motor industry then life changed suddenly when my husband passed away. I retrained as a Nutritional Therapist and Thought Field Therapist and set up my own practice based from home.

I discovered the Grief Recovery Method by chance for myself and it transformed my life. So I set out to bring it to the UK from the USA where it originates. In 2012 I sold my nutrition practice to focus full time on Grief Recovery UK and since then we have grown many times over.