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Lynn Osborne
Clarity Care Consulting

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Clarity Care Consulting provides independent care advice, expertise and support to individuals and families looking to find the best care for their parent or relative. Helping them to navigate the complexities of the health and social care system, our goal is to ensure our Clients receive the best care possible, be that at home,in a residential setting or in hospital. Not knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. 

With knowledge of the care system and options available, Clarity Care Consulting offers a full range of services to help Clients find and manage the care they need. From supporting Clients in hospital to finding the right residential home our experienced care advisers can offer advice and assistance every step of the way. 

For families living at a distance from their older relative, we offer a comprehensive care management service, overseeing care on their behalf and providing peace of mind by being there when they can't.

About Lynn Osborne

During my time working within the care sector I have witnessed many people looking for care services struggle with the complexities of the care system, often at a time of crisis for them and not knowing where to turn. 
Using my experience of managing a domiciliary care organisation that delivered care at home as well as providing consultancy to social care teams in local authorities, I set up Clarity Care Consulting to help people understand and be aware of their choices when looking for care services. 
I am sensitive to my client’s individual situation and pride myself on building relationships to allow me to fully understand what they need and ensure they get it.