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About Gary Jones

Always open to a chat and love meeting new people and finding things about you. If you want to meet anytime let me know and we can have a 121! 

I am the founder of Leamington Hour and Grow Leamington and I am a Race Director for Kids Run Free. I have been working with customers in retail for over 15 years before coming to Titan. I love the feeling of helping someone achieve their goals.

Leamington Hour is a non for profit organisation who help local businesses connect and promote within the Leamington area. We do this primary over twitter and have a dedicated hour every Wednesday between 4pm and 5pm. We also hold networking events every 2 months at to promote face to face relationships. Within these nights we raise money for local charities.

Grow Leamington is here to help you grow and develop into the best version of you in terms of Health, Business and Well Being.

Kids Run Free provide free races of different distances to 0-16 year olds. I love seeing young children enjoying exercising and having fun outdoors.

Outside of work I love pushing my limits and being the best version of myself. This includes competing in sporting adventures such as triathlons, cycling events and running events of different lengths. I have also been known to do multi day cycling events and even ran a marathon for charity before.