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My history in a nutshell - is the best way that I can describe how much I understand where you may be now, with regard to speaking - and how much power and impact being able to speak has on your life and business.

I am living proof that once someone is heard and understood - it radically transforms your life in every way.

Trust me, up until a few years ago - I was unable to confidently speak publicly - and dreaded being the one that could be picked on to stand up and talk - and now, it’s what I do full time - and more importantly what I love to do!

I grew up with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) and a lifetime spent living with Anxiety - and the crippling effects that it can have on your personal development and growth.

My ‘Sliding Doors’ moment came when I had a personal breakdown in the car park of a pub in Portishead, Somerset (classy eh!) - tired, frustrated and pain from constantly wearing a mask, people pleasing, not speaking up, not giving my own opinions, allowing my condition to dictate how successful that I was going to be.

It was at that point that I decided to speak publicly about my story.

A strange move - given that in a survey public speaking is a bigger fear than death! But, in all honesty - there comes a point in life where something either consumes you - or you let it out. I decided to let it out.

From the moment I first stepped up to speak, through to today - the single biggest thing that I ever did in life was to take the decision to speak publicly.

It positively transformed my life, it boosted my business performance and provided me with opportunities that I simply wouldn’t of got without making that move to speak.

And now - it’s what I do professionally - and my passion is to share my successes, my mistakes, my advice and tips - in a powerful, impactful but fun series of courses and events - both 121 and group - business and public.

Most importantly I will provide you with a safe place to practice and showcase your hidden talents - and if you are anxious, as I was - you know that I will fully understand where you are right now - and be very respectful of that.

So please keep an eye out for details coming very soon on our new range of offerings - and thank you for joining me here.

Just remember - your best future lies outside of your comfort zone. Do you feel you are being heard in life and business?

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