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The #1 rated illustrator in the UK, 5* reviews from clients around the world and finalist in the BIBAs 2014 and 2015. I'm the guy you want to get in touch with if you're lacking a bit of colour in your business. Sure, you know someone who does web design and you know someone who's a whizz at leaflet layouts, but where do THEY go to to get those engaging images that will help break up the text and keep the reader's attention? Will clip art reflect well on your business? Is that stock photo in keeping with your brand? There are times when reusing a well-worn stock illustration just isn't going to cut it and that's when you need me.

I specialise in illustration designs for businesses, particularly when it comes to creating custom artwork to enliven a presentation (no more stock photos!), illustrations are perfect ways of getting a point across or explaining a process efficiently, understandably and without words, which means they can continue to work for you on an international level.

I also provide a dedicated mascot/corporate character design service, an increasingly popular service due to the need to engage with the internet audience, to appeal, to amuse and to connect with potential customers. A company character or mascot can be used throughout your business branding, on your website and social media pages, at trade shows and where ever you need a one of a kind creation that promotes your business in a fun, friendly way. More and more businesses are seeing the benefit of business mascots, although of course it's not a new thing. Michelin Man for one has been around for a lot longer than a good year. The character design service is completely tailored to your needs and created from scratch through several rounds of concept art and discussions to develop the finished piece that you can then promote with pride.

A huge variety of other illustration and image design services are also available, visit my website to see some examples of my work and of course feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions. Thanks for stopping by!

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About Jack Knight

I'm an illustrator and image creator based in Lancaster, Lancashire. I've been running Knight Time Creations since 2010 and during that time I've worked with some great clients on some fantastic projects. I've designed confectionery packaging, logos, web graphics, advert images, social media avatars, infographics and blog illustrations amongst many other things including looking after my wonderful daughter.