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Tim Fussell
Fussels Fine Foods

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Fussels Fine Foods is a food manufacturing business built around agriculture and the growing and cold pressing of Oil Seed Rape (Rapeseed). Based just south of Bath Fussels grow and cold press their own unique Rapeseed Oil, it is then used to create a range of sauces, dressings, flavoured oils and mayonnaises. As well as selling directly to the customer through Farmers Markets, Food Fayres and Shows we also deal with some multiples and several wholesalers both to retail and foodservice. We are becoming quite well known in the southwest but are continually looking to increase exposure throughout the UK. Currently Fussels are undergoing major expansion to new and modernised premises which will be opening around october 2015.

About Tim Fussell

My name is Tim Fussell, one of the hardest things I find is to write these type of biographies, I can tell you how good someone is at doing this or that, recommend or refer  no problem. I worry about other people and their situations and generally always want and see the best in people. Some people call me naive and of course I have been let down by some in the past but I would also say that it doesn't happen very often. I am happy to be me so here are some of the reasons why that is so and this then might tell you a little about me.

I have been married for 14 years to Sally who is lovely and does extremely well to put up with me along with our two magnificent children Phoebe 12 and Oli 10. we also have a dog Lottie and my daughter has a pony Katie who can be ahhhhherrrr inconsistent!

I would dearly love to spend more time with my wife, just to be in her company more often. I like drinking IPA in the Red Lion, Woolverton. I like the local chat. I like coaching my sons rugby team and and I like taking my daughter to her Pony riding events.

I like playing touch rugby, I like scuba diving, skiing, France. I like travelling eating and drinking, talking and listening. I like doing stuff, but love time to think. I have a fantastic circle of friends from all over the place. I speak french.