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The Discount Club is a true phenomenon. Launched in 1997 offering cheap telephone calls, it is now a lifestyle choice for more than 550,000 families and businesses who are serious about saving money.

By using a partnership with over 42 leading retailers including M&S, Sainsburys, Boots and B&Q, the average family can shrink their household bills by 25% . Literally, they get those big stores to pay a proportion of their electricity bill, their gas bill, their phone, mobile and broadband bills every month. On top of that they also save money when they shop online with more than 1,500 other retailers ranging from Tesco to EasyJet.

Since the other utility suppliers would have to fund such savings out of their profits, they have no hope of competing. The Utility Warehouse discounts are funded by the High Street stores - which means the club is growing fast... very fast. It is confidently predicted that the company will double in size in the next 3-5 years and then double in size again. Within five years it is expected to be in the FTSE 100 index and a household name with a £billion turnover..

What this means is that people will be hearing a lot about the Utility Warehouse in the coming months and years - so it makes sense for them to join now rather than later.

Also, hearing about the company at this early stage means they are perfectly placed to benefit from this explosive growth. The club offers the opportunity for people from any walk of life to become Authorised Distributors and earn a second income by introducing other people to the benefits of being a member.

Many of these people already have successful businesses such as financial advisors, will writers, accountants and IT consultants. But they recognise that offering the additional benefit of £900 a year savings to their clients not only enhances their standing but increases customer loyalty.

As we say: Everyone needs to save money or make money. Which would you prefer?

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