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After discovering I was Dyslexic at 44 and researching the links with Dyslexia and Entrepreneurial traits, my mission is to encourage more dyslexics to become entrepreneurs. My strategy to achieve this is through public corporate events.We need more dyslexic Entrepreneurs. 

I also tailor Workshops for companies using Associates that I know and trust from my Network, giving companies or individuals the opportunity to gain real knowledge and tools to help them and their businesses grow.

We aslo provide various services. We have a consultancy type company where my wife is a Program Director for IT project management, Myself i provide a multitude of Business consultancy as an example using quality improvement techniques  that are adopted and sustainable by companies long after I have left them. 

We have a design business where as a family unit we design, make and develop our products, these range from statement wall pieces inCeramic, Wood, Plastic, Concrete and plaster . to ore traditional Limited prints which are abstract in their style. 



"I don't  chase the money I work on projects that interest or excite me"

About Kirk Pickstone

From Manchester you'll notice the accent am sure when we meet.

Had a very varied background career wise and at 44 discovering I was dyslexic I

Quit My Job

Started a Biz

Went to Uni

Graduated in 2012 with a Masters Degree in "Global Entrepreneurship" which I am extremely proud of.

Father to 3 boys (you see my youngest networking with me Nathan) I am also a Grandad now.

I get a buzz from developing people seeing them grow and in turn the companies they work for .

My passion and mission is to encourage more dyslexics to become entrepreneurs, if you know a Dyslexic give them confidence "they will do the rest"