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Our company is one with a passion for helping small businesses grow.  Sure, we can talk, what marketer can't, but we prefer to listen and learn about your business and it's challenges.

Our philosophy is based on what we call 1-2-3 is Me.  It goes something like this.

Option 1:
You DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING. We'll do our best to give you all the information you need and if you're not ready to make a decision to position your business to get more customers, wish to do it yourself or know someone else you think can help you, that’s fine.

Option 2:
You can work with a more traditional marketing company. If you think our strategy for doing business isn’t for you.  Just let us know and we can even refer you to a traditional agency that might fit your needs.

Option 3:
Your can work with us and we can start helping you get more customers right away. So we both know the best way to move forward, you can choose:

Option 1: Do Nothing At All
Option 2: Work With Someone Else
Or Option 3: Work With Me
 - us doesn't rhyme with 3 Wink

Oh yes.  What is it we actually do?   We are a full service marketing agency with two distinct areas of significant expertise.  PPC and Reputation Marketing.

Note I said Reputation Marketing, not Reputation Management.  The wikipedia definition of Reputation Marketing is a fusion of Reputation Management and Brand Marketing.  We do this by implementing a system based on our proprietary software and systems which harness the power of video marketing, graphics and social media.

We do NOT replace your web designer,  SEO guy or gal or your internal marketing department.  In fact we work with them, so don't be misled into thinking you've got this covered.  Also we only work with one business in any one local business sector.  We want YOU to have all the pre-qualified leads we generate in your area.


About Paul King

I guess one could say I started my first business at the age of nine or ten.  Breeding Mice to supplement my pocket money.  I managed to learn a bit about genetics too.  I could get more for certain colours.

But hey, yes, I'm a family man, married to a gorgeous wife with a few grown-up kids.  My wife tells me the only one who hasn't really grown up is me!

My leisure time includes dining and wine, so I'm a bit on the portly side but I do try to enjoy our wonderful world through travel, walking and cycling and go to the gym in the vain hope that at medical examinations I will be passed fit intead of fat. Culturally I enjoy learning about history and peoples, the theatre and extensive forms of music and dance.  I have been known to wave the odd stick or hanky in the past.

I first came across computers when the only form of feeding them was punched cards and paper tape.  When green screens came along a few years later I resolutely tried for several years not to become the user of one.  Now I realise why.  I can't type and they take over your life!

From a business perspective, the best thing anyone has ever said to me (a senior manager in a blue chip company) was that I have the rare skill of understanding both business and technology and the knowledge to apply that technology.  My lifetime interest in business and experience both as a Business Analyst and Management underpin that.