Lorraine Burwood (The Eviction Lady)

Lorraine Burwood
The Eviction Lady

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I am known as the "Eviction Lady", I help private landlords to evict their tenants, legally and quickly.

I offer the following:

A done for you service "DFY" 

  • I write and serve notices
  • Prepare and serve possession paperwork to court
  • Arrange representation in court
  • Organise a court appointed bailiff

A done with you service "DWY"

  • I will supply relevant forms and templates
  • Talk you through the whole process
  • Check your paperwork before you submit it
  • Arrange represantion in court

A do it yourself service "DIY"

  • DIY Guide to Evictions



About Lorraine Burwood

Lorraine Burwood Bio

In 1991 I returned to work after a 14 year break, raising my three sons.  Having worked, prior to the birth of my first child, as a telephonist in the pre computerised era, I was totally unemployable as telephonist. I was used to good old fashioned plug boards not buttons and lights!  With my limited and outdated admin experience I applied for a job with Marks and Spencer.  They were recruiting for a new store that was opening and needed a lot of staff, they held an open day and informal interviews and I was lucky to be offered a job as a part time sales assistant. To be honest, I think anyone who turned up presentable, able to read and write, would have got a job!  It was while I was there I worked my way into the office and was shown how to use the computerised telephone system and word processing. I was there for four years, until I needed to find a new full time job.

I joined Hyde Housing Association in 1995 as an Admin Assistant and left in 2015, in my twenty years there I had a number of different roles. I progressed from Admin Assistant to Housing Team Secretary, later a Housing Assistant and Lettings Officer and lastly as a Housing Officer.

As a Housing Officer, my focus was on ensuring the 1500 tenants that I managed, paid their rent on time.  It was whilst working as a Housing Officer that I learnt the legal protocols and procedures that need to be followed to successfully evict a tenant. 

Whilst I was working as a Housing Officer, both my brother and my son, who are private landlords, sought my advice regarding problems they were having with their tenants.  I successfully helped them to evict their tenants and it occurred to me at that point that there are lots of landlords who do not have the experience or knowledge needed to legally evict their tenant and that was when "The Eviction Lady" was born.

Since 2013, I have help hundreds of landlords to successfully get repossession of their properties and given advice to loads more.

I have recently written a “DIY Guide to Eviction” and really pleased with the feedback I have received. I also give talks at property networking events across the Home Counties.