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Clare Crouch
Apple Nutrition

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Apple Nutrition

I am a nutritional therapist practicing nutritional healing and I can help you to change your life through learning how the food you eat affects how your body works. The nourishment you give to your body and mind provides the building blocks for health.  By working with the healing power of nature, rather than against it, it is possible to restore balance and bring about positive changes in the body which promotes healing and restores health and vitality.

We are all unique individuals so I spend time getting to you during a series of consultations so that I can tailor my advice to your personal situation. There are no fad diets to follow or expensive products to buy, just practical straighforward advice to help you become the healthest 'you' you can be.

Consultations can be face to face in Daventry, Rugby or Banbury, via skype (or other video call) or by phone.

Eco Your World

I believe that reducing the toxic chemicals we use for personal care and/or cleaning our home can have a positive effect on health and wellbeing. I also believe strongly in protecting the environment we live in. Eco Your World is an online eco-warehouse which helps on both counts.

We stock everything from biodegradable bin bags to chemical free cleaning products to bamboo socks to chia seeds. There are literally thousands of products to choose from!  Please click on the link in my profile to visit the online eco-warehouse.

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