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Andrea Hardiman
All about the Message - Marketing

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My Company Information

All about the Message offers tailored marketing solutions – one size does not fit all!  Need help planning a specific marketing campaign?  An extra pair of hands to make it happen?  Some fresh ideas on how to develop your marketing? Or a nudge in the right direction around your internal communications? 

I can help add value to your business through...

•    Marketing ideas, strategy and planning
•    Campaign development
•    Internal communications
•    Branding & tone of voice
•    Copywriting & proofreading

About Andrea Hardiman

Marketing is what I'm all about...
It’s what I do and what I’m passionate about.  I love talking to people about their business, their customers and future plans.  I also love a story and marketing is all about telling your story to your customers in your own unique way.

20 years’ working in the corporate world has given me a huge amount of marketing and communications experience across many different industries. It began with chocolate bars and dried fruit, working with supermarkets to develop and market new products and concluded at Aviva, communicating the latest home or car insurance offer to customers and employees alike.  

I’m used to dealing with a huge variety of audiences.  From customers, retailers and suppliers to employees in offices, on the road or in contact centers.   I’ve used so many different types of media, it’s hard to keep count!  Whether TV, cinema, radio, web or good old fashioned paper; one thing remains the same – it’s all about the message and how you get it across.

All about the Message
This is why I’ve started my own marketing company called ‘All about the Message’.  Marketing is all about the message; about keeping it simple, about speaking to your audience in a way that connects with them and they’ll want to respond to.  At All about the Message I can add a dash of creativity and style to your messages, at the same time keeping them simple and honest so they make sense.