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Jeff van der Hulst
East Anglia Pickleball Development (ELS)

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East Anglia Pickleball Development does not only introduces Pickleball in East Anglian communities, but plans sustainable sessions to get people playing together, this fun activity is very popular among baby boomers around in the USA.

If you are interested how Pickleball Jeff could showcase Pickleball in your community then just get in touch.

I'm looking forward to meet you at a future 4N event and take up the opportunity for a productive 1-2-1

About Jeff van der Hulst

I would like to introduce myself, Jeff van der Hulst and as you could have guessed by the surname I am Dutch, but have been living in the UK for 10 years after an exciting life full of travel and adventure such as 6 years active service at sea with the Dutch Royal Navy.

3.5 years at sea with Carnival Cruise lines as a head waiter/Asst F&B manager. Time to get my feet back on dry land, opening and setting up hotel operations in Honduras and Egypt, it was getting to dry for me and pursued 3 years in the diving industry as a IDC staff instructor in Honduras and the Dominican Republic.

Landed in the UK and settled for some pub work in London before picking up my back pack again and traved the world for a year. Returned to London and ended up with Premier Inn as a F&B mgr in London for 4 years and finally moved to Norfolk to continue to work in hospitality, plus running our own part time business with my partner Fely within the health and wellnes industry for the last few years.

A true passion of mine is shark and marine conservation, since 2011 I have been active member of the Shark Conservation Society and in 2012 we set up a marine sanctuary around the small island of Sumaoy in the Philippines were Fely is from, this to help the local community with the return of healthy fish stocks, which will reduce the cost and dangers for travelling 2.5hours out into the Pacific Ocean.

We love the outdoors, travel and socialising.

We would love to hear your story.

Look better, Feel better

Fely & Jeff