Bron Webster (Multiple Success)

Bron Webster
Multiple Success

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A substantial background (over 20 years!) in financial services - specialising in Strategic Operations and Customer Experience. I’m also a specialist in adversity and resilience.

Health conditions and family priorities led to me making a bold movement into self employment. Health and family first, but I can’t quash my entrepreneurial drive! A brush with rare neck cancer in 2014 makes me super-resilient.

I have a disability - However, I make sure ThisAbility* counts. So, now I help others in several ways:

• Coaching other people to be able to do the same as me - working flexibly to suit family/health commitments

• Collaborating with ethical, successful UK businesses to help individuals and companies enhance their income

• Providing access to APS (Action Potential Simulation) therapy - a microcurrent treatment to enhance recovery and performance, alleviate pain and aid chronic fatigue

I always strive to work in your best interests. The services I offer don’t cost you anything (my partnered instead companies reward me). The exception to this is APS Therapy - but even then I aim to make pain relief treatment affordable  

I am always interested to hear from people who want to find out more about what I do.

Please do feel you can contact me. Just send me a message so we can arrange to talk more.