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The most important part of a computer is the person using it. My ethos is to provide you with simple computer support and IT management using words you can understand. Working at your pace, or at a suitable speed for your business teams, I will take you through every step to help you get your IT systems working – and to stay working.

My business, Beyond Beige, supports a wide range of people and businesses – from ‘one-man-bands’ to companies of over 100 employees. I am looking for businesses who want to develop, grow and expand, and who need to maintain their day-to-day operations. By investing into responsive IT systems, your business will become more streamlined and agile.

How can we help you?

·         Technical and Computer Support – solving your problems, fast.

·         IT Management and Consultancy – tailored and enhanced IT systems.

·         Bespoke system design, reporting tools and database development.

·         Cloud computing and backup solutions including anti-virus software.

·         Windows support including Microsoft Office 365.


One a personal note, as an IT consultant, I have been working with IT systems since the dark ages of 1993. I have seen systems come and go, and I keep fully up-to-date with advances in technology so you can benefit from my in-depth knowledge and expertise. I genuinely love helping people with their IT problems – there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a business flourish because they have the right systems in place.

Experiencing IT problems? Need computer support? Why not say hello by emailing: or call 0744 600 6663 today.

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