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Far-Red bring the knowledge and expertise to help businesses master social media, marketing, and digital advertising. We win new customers, professionally promote business services, sell products on-line, and improve website traffic. We are a team of dedicated marketing professionals with vast experience developing marketing strategies in multiple business sectors. And we are fully versed in how to best use the multiple channels social media offers to generate new business and sales leads.

“We find tomorrow’s customers today”

About Shay Boyd

I specialise in helping brands, business owners, and startups. I use big brand thinking to shape strategies which work for companies of all sizes and sectors to find more customers on a budget. I have worked in marketing for over twenty-five years and I am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. During the nineties, I led international corporate marketing teams at adidas and Umbro. I collaborated with some of the marketing industry's best creative, advertising, eCommerce, PR and media agencies. I was fortunate to be able to use my knowledge, experience, and personality to directly affect bottom line business growth to win new customers and gain industry recognition. In 2001 I formed my 1st marketing communications business The Clay Group to work with corporate teams, Clay has since gone on to win awards for sales promotion and marketing success with leading consumer, retail and sport sector businesses. In March 2015 I set up Far-Red to specialise in social media marketing and advertising strategy for SMEs, start-ups and established businesses. Far-Red is a fast growing business, working in an area of high demand. Please contact me directly if you would like us to review your social media work to date to see how you stack up!

We are now looking to expand our network to service the demands of our growing national customer base. From April 2017 we will be looking to award franchise regions throughout the UK.  If you are from a business administration, marketing, sales or social media background and you are interested in managing your own business please visit for more information.

The next stage of our growth will be very exciting. Why not become part of it. "We work with tomorrow's customers today".