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Work Life Balance Coaching works two ways:- 

The first is by helping busy people who feel they're being pulled in all directions & losing thier identity under work & family pressures.

The second is by helping people who suddenly find they have more time on their hands than they are used to eg. newly retired. 

By constructive conversations and careful listening I help my Clients develop, a Work Life Balance enables them to stop juggling everything & balance.  This allows my Clients to be more effective at what they do; less stressed about what they don't do; spend more time on what they want to do. 




About Ann Wootton

After receiving invaluable Coaching sessions myself many years ago, I realised the need to develop & define who I was and what I actually wanted out of my life and career. There’s been no stopping me since. 

I admit to being in a position where my carreer was going nowhere fast and I found myself going sideways rather than forward.  The stresses of the job were creating a negative attitude and I was finding it a struggle to get through each shift.  I needed a more positive presence in my life.  Motivated by my experience on the receiving end of Life Coaching (or Personal Development, as it was referred to),  I re-trained from a Forensic background to Coaching & Mentoring & in 2014 set up IVY Work Life Balance COACHING. 

As a result I became a part-time worker and have created my own Work Life Balance.  I now have two jobs that I balance along with more time for me & my family. I'm in a WIN:WIN situation.  I love every minute of both jobs and am always grateful for the 'ME TIME' I have now.  I want to share the amazing effects Coaching has had on me, so you too can realise who you really are & get the life you want & deserve.  We all have so much hidden potential, but are either too stressed or too busy to do anything about it.  

I'm living proof that it is possible to work more effectively & have a quality home/social life.

That is my story, but you don't have to go part-time like me, to achieve a good Work Life Balance - every one of us is different and the balance waiting for you is just a phone call away.