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Jackie Plant
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  • Pet Care
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Essex Pet Protector

Flea and tick prevention for dogs and cats

Suitable For Dogs, Cats and Horses
Keeping Your Pets Flea & Tick – Free for 4 Years
The Pet Protector Disc uses advanced technology to emit Magnetic and Scalar waves, creating a protective shield around your pets’ body and repelling all external parasites.

About Jackie Plant

Would you like to create a happy, healthy life for yourself, your family and your pets?

Hi - I am Jackie and I recently left my job as a Graphic Designer for a large Asset Managers in the City to start my own business – Lifestyle by Design.

Over the last few years, with middle-age crashing upon me and all the challenges that can bring, I have become more interested in looking at my health, and the effects that junk food, alcohol, chemicals and toxins has on my body. This led me to start learning about nutrition, 'clean' living – and I have become extremely interested in alternative therapies and essential oils.

This also led me to get involved in a company called Pet Protector – which is a little disc that protects cats, dogs and horses against fleas and ticks without any chemicals or toxins. When you look at the ingredients and possible side effects of Frontline or Spot On type products it really is quite scary.

Please say hi or check out my website http://essexpetprotector.co.uk/

I will be donating £2 for every disc sold to Dodger dog charity