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Graydon Ventures Ltd is a new company based in Northamptonshire, the county of Spires and Squires, the heart of the UK and the Rose of the Shires!  The company founder is me, Kathryn. I've been working in corporate world since I was 18 years old - believe me, that's many years now!  I reached a point in my life where I wanted to take control of what I do with my days and to not be 'told' what to do and how to do it.  I found my passion is to help others who are also feeling like they're a square peg in a round hole; they're at a cross roads in their career, job or just life in general, and want to make that change but just not sure how to do it.

This is where I come in.  I can help those finding themselves in that situation find direction if they don't know which way to turn.  Or, if they know where they want to be but just don't know how to get there, I can help here too.

I recognise that some people are not happy where they are working but really don't know what they want to do - they just know they don't want to continue doing what they're doing; they don't know what their passion is yet.  That's just fine and is the majority of people.  They want that Monday 'rah rah & pom poms' moment back and not that Sunday sick feeling in the pit of their stomach.  I help them to be curious and explore interests from which a passion can grow, confidence can grow and direction if finally clear.  Then it's to the next step of making that passion happen and become real.  It's how to move it from a pipe dream to a reality and that's the really scary bit!  Helping with all stages from curious to getting that dream job or just finding contentment is what I do.

I offer 3 packages suitable for all levels of coaching required.  You can start with the basic package and build on this as you gain more confidence or you can just take that leap and go for the whole nine yards and buy the top level package.  There's something to suit all budgets.

So, for anyone who is not getting their Monday to Friday fabulousness any more and want a change of career and direction, Graydon Ventures is the top choice for getting you back on that right track.

You can call me, Kathryn, on 07932 419190 for an informal free of charge initial chat.

Can't wait to hear from you or someone you may know.

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