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How often have you looked at a pile of invoices and panicked?

Money worries affect every business at one time or another.

The pressure to cope is intense and dealing with financial difficulties can leave you feeling isolated.

So I wrote a book Cash Management, ( ISDN 978-0-7136-7706-5) 

Then I learnt that a book can help but really you need more hands-on help.  That's what Think Cash! does.

There is still a problem, because if you are short of cash, how do you pay for help you?

At Think Cash! we have a way to cover this. 

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About Tony Dalton

Turnover is vanity, Profit Sanity while Cash is reality.

Tony Dalton, an entrepreneur, has learnt this over his many years in business.

He has been involved with several businesses, such as  Educational Musicals Ltd, a publisher of musicals linked to the KS2 National Curriculum, which has already benefited over 500,000 children in 45 countries, and the launch of the first typewriter with a full computer screen eventually sold to Silver Reed.

Having experienced the effects of inept management consultants first hand he developed  Think Cash!, aimed at helping  small companies identify the money they need to grow from within their organisations.


The directors needed £60,000 for a new building.           Think Cash!  found the money

The owner wanted to clear the £50,000 overdraft that he was personally guaranteeing.       Think Cash! bought it to zero in 3 months

A publishing company needed funds to expand.          Think Cash!  found it them 0% borrowing!

A manufacturer found his debtors were taking more and more time to pay.   Think Cash! taught them to pay on time