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Are you in the situation where you need your team to be able to grow your business further, but you are struggling to get your team working effectively? Do you want to find out how to get time and energy back that you current spend on managing your team so that you can use it to grow your business? Could you leave your team for a week while you go on holiday and not worry about what you'd find on your return? Are you successfully juggling your business, family and personal time?  How do you spend most of your time - working on strategy and growth, or worrying about and being involved in the details of what your team is doing?

You’re not alone. Mulberry Bush Consulting can help. We can assist you in building your effective team, so you can focus on more strategic ways to grow your business, trusting your team to support you. Book a free 30-minute chat via, to get some actions you can use today, if these are the challenges you’re facing.

Mulberry Bush Consulting offers:

A Team Success Intensive day

★ A Team Success Intensive day to get to the heart of matter.

★ Delivers an action plan for you to follow to get your team working effectively.


The 6-month Accelerate to Team Success program

★ Supports you implementing the structure you need while you continue to run your business

★ Delivered remotely in 'bite-sized'​ pieces -you don't even have to leave your office!

★ Ensures you have an engaged team who want to take your company to the next level.

★ Ensures you can easily handle any difficult conversation with your team.

★ Ensures you can confidently interview candidates to build the right team.

★ Ensures you get your new hires to be productive fast by using a consistent induction process.

★ Ensures you motivate your team to achieve SMART goals that also ensure company success.

★ Ensures you use continual feedback to reduce time and stress spent managing performance.

About Nikki Faulkner

I founded Mulberry Bush Consulting in 2015 to share all the People Management experience I have built up since 2001 with managers who want to make their teams, however small, more effective. I have a BA from Cambridge University, and a PhD from Stanford University in the USA.

My passion is to see managers grow. I’ve coached team leaders’ right from day one of my management career, and I love to see managers get satisfaction from getting a team working well together so that the entire team, including its leader, can achieve their goals.
With Mulberry Bush Consulting I’m passionate about helping the leaders of small businesses, who often miss out on the coaching and training available to those in the corporate world, get access to the information, tools and processes that will help them get their teams working well. Once that is happening they can focus on growing their businesses rather than on managing their people. I have been told more than once that I’m very direct and very efficient. I see that as a benefit to make sure that we (me and my clients) get to what matters and make changes that make a difference. As my strapline says – Mulberry Bush Consulting: Maximizing Business Capability through your PEOPLE.