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I am more than just a voiceover artist! I also have experience of on-camera hosting, interviewing guests on camera, using an autocue, and acting as MC at live events. I worked in television for 3 years as the presenter of a live programme, and still work with colleagues in the video production industry. Voiceover is the main service I offer, but in addition to recording I also offer an audio editing service, and if clients need help with scriptwriting or proof reading I can do that too.

I trained in the USA with Edge Studio and worked with some top vocal coaches in New York and Washington DC. Liz Drury Voiceovers was set up in 2013 in the US, and relocated to the UK in 2014.

My home studio consists of a sound proof vocal booth with a professional grade microphone and I record projects for clients all over the world.

Companies that have used my voice include Bulgari (for their Aqva Divina fragrance campaign), KwikFit, BMW, VW, Accenture, Roche, Dreamwater,IZI Travel App, and many others.

The range of my work includes documentaries, explainer and whiteboard videos, telephone on hold messages, audio tours, e-learning, adverts, audiobook, mobile phone apps, podcast intros, business presentations, materials for people learning English.....


About Liz Drury

My background is in Science and I have a PhD in Archaeological Science from the University of Bradford. Prior to setting up Liz Drury Voiceovers I worked as a television presenter for Channel 7 in NE Lincs, where I had my own live programme which was broadcast three times a week. I subsequently worked for Franklin College (6th form college) as the Projects Officer, and I continue to work here on a part-time basis. I am heavily invovled with extra curricular activites in the drama and music departments.

In 2011 I went to live in the USA for two and a half years as my husband's job was temporarily re-located. During this time I did some training in acting and in voiceover work through the Community College of Baltimore County and Edge Studios. I was fortunate to be able to train with some top voiceover coaches in New York and Washington DC.

I set up Liz Drury Voiceovers in 2013 and when we moved back to the UK I brought the business back with me.

The beauty of modern technology means that it doesn't matter where I am located - I can work for clients all over the world. And I do!

My favourite jobs are audiotours, and I have recorded numerous guided walks around cities and museums all over the world - mainly for the IZI Travel App.

My most prestigious job to date has been for Bulgari. I was the voice of their Aqva Divina fragrance campaign which was broadcast in 6 countries, and has had over 3 million hits on YouTube. And if you ever take your car to KwikFit for a service and they show you a video about what is wrong with it - it's my voice you'll hear!