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Do you start the year with great intentions only to find that everyday life takes over and your plans and projects become forgotten?

If this sounds familiar one of our coaching programmes or training workshops may be for you.

Coaching can help you to gain clarity and focus, achieving the goals that are really important to you, whether related to your work and career or in your personal life.  The process focuses on future possibilities, to encourage personal-development and self-improvement.

•    The starting point for any coaching programme is you.  We will start by understanding your unique personality, your strengths and achievements, where you are now and importantly where you want to be.

•   As an accredited Talent Dynamics Flow Consultant I can use this powerful profiling  technique to  assess your personality, strengths, productivity, values and behaviour.

•   The Talent Dynamics Profile provides you with a  guide to help you on your path by identifying strategies and steps to focus on. It will give you insights and clarity on yourself and your interaction with others and how you can improve your current performance levels around your natural talents.  It is a perfect start to the coaching process.

You may already be clear on where you are headed and want to improve specific skills such as communication, selling skills and team dynamics.  In which case one of our interactive training workshops may be the best route for you.

About Louise Mosley

I have been actively involved in the field of Coaching and Personal Development for over 20 years and now work with clients from across the globe supporting them to achieve their personal & business goals.

In 2008, I left the UK for the warmer climate of the Caribbean where I established Neutral Buoyancy providing bespoke dive training and holidays, allowing guests to regain balance in life, whilst providing an opportunity to refresh.

Why NB Coaching?  NB stands for Neutral Buoyancy? – divers aim to be neutrally buoyant when diving, a state of balance where you are floating in mid water, neither bobbing to the surface or sinking down, it should be the most relaxed state, using the least energy and air and one in which to enjoy the dive to its full.

The principles and essence of neutral buoyancy are now at the heart of my coaching practice too, NB Coaching aims to support individuals to find this balance throughout their lives and careers.