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Richard Cerrone
PAH Accounting

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I work for PAH Accounting and we provide accounting services for small to medium size businesses. At PAH I help to complete everything ranging from Personal tax to Mnagement Accounts and everything in betweeen.

I like to play sport in my spare time particularly football during the winter and cricket in the summer. I am very committed to these sports and is shown by the fact I have been with the same club Andoversford for both sports for 20+ seasons. I also hold the role of secretary for the football club and treasurer for the cricket club.

Further to this I am a qualified coach in both football and Cricket. I run sessions for Andoversford Cricket during the summer and currently an u16 boys football team for Cheltenham Spa LFC (yes we are part of a ladies football club entity). This coaching is not only to help grow the respective clubs but also for my children who actively take part.

I have a wife and 4 children (3 step children) this allows me to spend additional time with my family as they also get involved with both clubs and support them.