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Offering  a free review of your current spending on Business Gas and Electric. Whether you are still in a contract or not is doesnt matter. I will give you an honest appraisal of where you may be able to obtain a more competetive price. During a recent review of a local  South Manchester charity I was able to show them how they could save over £15000 per year just by shopping around, but I will do the shopping for you so you can get on with your business.  I give you the peace of mind that each year I will get you value for money at the best current market prices.

The UK's  most trusted independent Business Energy Consultant.

Also published author and contributor in Go Read in the US and Canada, author of "Whist 2 Trust", a business parable about Trust and Life due out late 2017.

About Gary Dwyer

Former Area Leader at Sale 4N and Manchester South Lunch... I would recommend any of you to take a team role, it is a fantastic way of  growing your profile and confidence. ...  I have been in law enforcement for 23 years and prior to that in the Ambulance service, I have vast experience of dealing with people from all walks of life in many situations, My business Ashton Business Solutions provides soudn advice and service to business owners on cost reduction and ensuring that you are driving the energy company, not them driving you by getting you in debt and charging outrageous prices. My loyalty is with you, not them.  You may think that these people in call centres are doing you a favour but they have one thing on their mind (Their Company)  My priority is YOUR COMPANY and that you continue to get a fair price according to the market..

I have just written a business parable which is due for release late 2017 all about trust and how important it is. I am also one of the most popular contributors on author Ken Dunn's  site in the US and Canada, a link to my site is here.

I live in South Manchester with partner Kay, kids, Tom, Isabel and Hadyn.... Chocolate Lab- "Charlie-Bear" and huge Newfoundland "Bella" I'm partial to the odd glass of Vino and support Manchester City!!!