Deborah Meredith (Not A Rehearsal)

Deborah Meredith
Not A Rehearsal

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I reached the age of 40 and knew something had to change. I had to stop following the scripts everyone else was thrusting at me and start following my own. But that was easier said than done!  Now the Executive Producer and Director of my own blockbuster life I share the backstage secrets of how I stepped out of the wings into MY spotlight and how you can step out of the wings into YOUR spotlight.

Business failure, marriage failure (twice), bankruptcy, almost homeless, loss of custody of child, redundancies (x3) and that was just the start of it!  I took the decision to change my life for the better. I stepped out of the wings into MY spotlight and realised some long-held ambitions in the process.


Life is Not A Rehearsal. 


Now a few years away from 50, I know it's possible to change things for the better no matter how bad they currently seem.