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Christine Sims
Benedict Mackenzie

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We are business recovery specialists.  We work with Directors, Sole Traders and Partners, helping with any financial issue affecting their business.   We also assist individuals who are struggling under the burden of personal debt, giving them the breathing space they need to recover from the fluxuations in their finances, especially the self employed who can not always guarantee a regular income.

We have offer a specialist service to accountants and other business experts to help them help their client when they need cash-flow or are suffering from creditor pressure, reduction in Turn Over, reducing Margins, Loss of a key customer or simply a un-expected TAX or VAT bill.  We have a whole toolbox of options which we will use wherever possible to prevent business failure.

Commercial / Business Finance

Debt restructing

VAT / PAYE and TAX negotiations

Legal Advice

Solvent Liquidations

Equity Finance

Business Advice

Property Solutions.

We work with many professionals who we can call on to assist where we can't.  We can find you the right expert at the right time to offer you the right solution.  We are constantly looking for proactive business partners who can assist our clients with all issues from Tax Planning, Accountancy and Financial Management to Business Growth and Coaching.






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