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Caroline Webb
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I work with businesses to identify what they want to get out of their social media engagement and identify the right social media channels for their business. From this I then create a strategy, outlining the types of content that are correct for each social media channel and how to make them stand out. Strategy is a vital part of social media and will help them from wasting lots of time, effort and money in areas that will not have a positive impact on their business.

Generating and publishing content is one of the most important aspects of social media. Using a variety of tools, I work with businesses to make sure that we are sharing the right content (pictures, competitions, text) on the right channel to help generate customers for their business. I will also work with businesses to make sure that I release content at the best time for their audience, maximising on the overall reach the content can have.

I set-up a variety of ways that I can always listen to what is happening in all the social media channels that my businesses are engaging in. From this I can outline how to respond and interact with customers to help drive sales and brand awareness.

I use statistical data to shape the future thinking of business decisions that support a businesses marketing and customer service activities. I use a variety of tools in undertaking this complex work and help simplify this output for businesses to learn from.

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