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Steve White
Thornbury Collections

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01443 224407
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15th Jan 2018
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8th Oct 2007
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  • Credit control
  • credit checking
  • Factoring
  • Debt Recovery & Collections
  • International Debt Recovery & Collections
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Established in 2002, the two founding directors of Thornbury Collection Services Ltd had over 50 years of collection activity experience between them. I joined in 2006 and became a Director and shareholder in 2007. In August 2012 I completed a MBO and now run Thornbury with 3 staff.

We operate a 'No win - No fee' policy and have a secure online portal so that you can see your cases. Primarily, a commercial debt recovery operation though there is an overlap into all other areas of business finance.

We help companies of all sizes in any of the below and we work right across the UK

  • Credit Checking
  • Credit Control
  • Trace Reports
  • Factoring
  • Confidential Invoice Discounting
  • Asset Finance
  • Debt Mediation
  • Debt Collection & Recovery
  • Statutory Demand Issue
  • Small Claims Court Litigation
  • Business Cost Reduction
  • Commercial Finance

We're ethical, professional and trusted by the likes of: Lloyds TSB Bank, Julian Hodge Bank, Carlyle Finance, 4Networking, Mercedes Benz, and literally hundreds of SME's, sole traders etc. We believe that mediation is the key and will work closely with our clients in getting the relationship back on track. Have a look at our testimonials! We cover the whole of the UK, and now International debt recovery is possible through us via GCS Global. 100 offices in 90 countries help yus with your international debts.

Was stood down as Area Leader for 4N in  S Wales in April 2011 after 3 years, and had 6 months break. Came back as an AL but now running the good ship 4N as a Regional Leader for the whole of S Wales. I help run 8 groups, with the help of the excellent teams dotted from Llanelli to Abergavenny.

Also enjoy public speaking and have delivered several talks on both Credit Control type talks as well as Networking tips, to a wide range of companies. See the video below - lots more on our YouTube channel

Please feel free to contact me - 01443 224407 

The below video was shot at Accountex, the national accountants conference in London May 2014

About Steve White

Was in the Forces, more medals than the average Chelsea pensioner! Left the forces and joined the Police. Left after 14 years to join Thornbury Collections and now loving the whole 'normal' 9-5 lifestyle! (The normal lifestyle allows me to be more normal!!!!!)

I'm a sports fan and love football in particular.I support Spurs but have a season ticket at Cardiff, where I live.

Aside from that I am the Chair for Radyr Rangers Football Club, having been a coach for 10 years. I am a qualified UEFA coach having passed my C licence in 2012. In Dec 2014 I passed my FIFA Referres course.

I am married and have been for ever and have 3 sons. 2 of them are very sporty so I constantly ferry them around various sporting events around S Wales. Hopefully when they are earning a zillion pounds a week they'll remember this.

I'm also the Chairman for The Autism Directory as my oldest son is autistic