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Hi, I'm Steven, I'm married to Ann and been together over 33 years. We have two daughters aged at time of joining 30, 31 in Sept and 29. 

My working life has been varied, when I left school at 16 I went into the building industry, working for CH Beazer of Bath. Started as a labourer and ended up as a site foreman. Setting out, roads levels, foundations etc. I met Ann during this time aged 19.

I then went into the Rubber industry, working for Avon rubber in Bradford on Avon. With talk of marriage and children later after living together I moved into the print industry, working at Redwood Burn in Trowbridge. Then the company moved to Redwood Press in Melksham. Final job here for a few years was Bindery Manager. Writing up the BS 5750 for the finishing dept. 

I then set up my own Print finishing business in Frome. Ran that for just over 10 years on the Vallis trading estate. We produced at times a million magazines a week and employed over 10 people. I built this up and then had to downsize and finally close it. 

My next business was in Stone Masonry. Had this business for over 10 years.  I bought the company in Castle Cary and the premises at the Railway station. Grew this to provide many fabulous pieces of truly bespoke masonry, this was installed all over the UK and USA, Guernsey. Templestone was the company name. Lost a lot of money, life, and belief in others, as well as the business after a long battle. But we have left a legacy of some of the best stone masonry produced by our team members, that will still be in place for a century or more to come. Check out Templestone. Co. UK. 

Now I'm back in Frome, I've lived in Frome and Buckland Dinham for over 30 years. 22 years in our home now. 

I also have a whole new business. A complete change, as you may have read above, I fear very little and will take on anything and learn new skills all the time.  So we have the What Knot. An invention that will be as widely used and as common as the Zip. The What Knot as you may have seen enables anybody to use ropes without ever tying knots. Or struggling to untie them. No matter if wet or dry, rope from 3-15mm thick or more. 

An amazing product which will change so many lives in ways that keep me driven, day in day out.