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Kangen Water in UK is a company driven by a single, powerful goal: to bring the proven health benefits of filtered, ionized water to UK with its Kangen Water home medical devices. Our KangenWell team is the leading group of distributors in the UK with teams in over 20 countries around the world. I am looking for new business partners to help us spread the word about this amazing water.

About Pete Chapman

My name is Pete Chapman. I am a former RAF veteran of 12 years and Ex Head of Service in Local Government, mainly specialising in Leisure Services and related departments.

Following redundancy I was looking for a new career direction outside employment and began to be involved full time in the Network Marketing Industry specialising in market and representing my parent company, Enagic (a japanese based manufacturer of medical grade home water ionisers bringing Kangen Water to homes across the world)

It has been a life changing experience for me. I never imagined how lifechanging it could be. I have recently received an award for the top producer in Europe over the last 10 years, when I have only been involved less than 7 of them. I have teams in over 20 countries around the world but really focusing on the UK prior to the company opening offices in the Heathrow Area later this year or early next.

I have helped 1000's of people around the world into better physical health with this amazing water, Kangen Water. I am willing to give FREE 30 day trials across Yorkshire for anyone who wishes to try it and I can organise others in my team to do that elsewhere in the country.

For business people, the most interesting thing about our company is that every single customer can opt for a global business with us at not extra cost - and I mean, no monthly fees, no annual renewals and no stocking. With the success of the water for helping people out of medication for many lifestyle diseases, this product is wonderfully organic because people cannot stop talking about their results. I have helped at least 20 people into incomes of £30,000 p.a. incomes from a part time effort.

So for 4N members who are looking for a secondary income, I believe that I can help. Or if 4N members wish to enjoy improved physical health from lifestyle diseases like, Gout, Diabetes 2 etc our ionisers can definitely help and a 30 day free trial of the water can help you feel the benefits.

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