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Venard Fong
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  • Pain Management
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Your health today is your wealth tomorrow. 

We all know the saying 'Time is money', well, how much time do you spend being distracted by your pain? Trying to fire fight? Imagine how much more productivity you can be if yo udidn't have to do that. How much more freedom you have. The drop in stress levels without having to constantly look over your shoulder from that pain. 


More time actually being present in your business leads to better service for your clients. Happy clients= more business. 

About Venard Fong

I love to go hard and fast! Either all in or not. It's the simplest way of getting things done!!!

I'm a long time martial artist and love to travel. Well the sport has enabled me to travel to some really cool places competing. Sightseeing gets squeezed into a day or day and a half on these trips! The podium has been my second home. Like I said, hard and fast and all for results! My academic background is I'm eye specialist and served my time in the NHS in a large hospital in the Midlands and worked my way up to senior clinician (so 1 rank below deputy head). Got bored in there (plus NHS politics) and went back to my roots of martial arts and competing. To maintain that competitive edge, discovered the world of pain and injury rehab as the more I was able to manage and prevent injuries, the more good quality training sessions I was able to undertake and also more competitions to win! In 2007 I injured my back deadlifting in the gym, warming up with a 135kg deadlift. Back goes 'PING'. 

Fot the next 7 years I have seen everyone and had all forms of treatment bar surgery. In 2014, that's 7 years on with the pain, I discovered some very smart people that resolved my back problem in 1 session!!!! Two days before this magical resolution I was only able to deadlift 130kg, 24 hours after the resolution, 165kg! I lost 7 years of my life to this back pain, opportunities, places to go and see, titles that I could have won. Now my drive is to help people take back control of their pain, take back time and enable them to live their life pain free and unleash their A game!