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Asha Clearwater
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At Turquoise Tiger we're professional journalists and editors, so we know how to craft a great story for your business. We provide social media management, content marketing and PR for your company. We even offer media mentoring to help you do it yourself!

Turquoise Tigers Taz and Ali

Our PR agency is based in Lincolnshire but we work with clients in Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Northamptonshire, Norfolk and Leicestershire. We work nationally too - sometimes internationally. Cutting edge technology and forward thinking means there’s no geographical boundary.

At Turquoise Tiger we're proud of being former journalists and editors - so we know how to find and tell your story. We operate in a jargon-free zone. No convoluted marketing and public relations speak - just professional, practical and effective PR, content marketing and social media management, as well as visibility coaching/media mentoring to help you do it yourself.

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