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Hayley Hilton
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22nd May 2018
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12th Sep 2016
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  • Clinical Canine Massage Therapist
  • revital-U-coffee Brand Influencer
  • Area Leader of 4N Runcorn and Warrington
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Change the Shape of your Business as well as the shape of your body by enabling you to make the right decisions with a clear mind... all by drinking just one cup of our smart coffee per day.
Stopping that mid afternoon slump so that U can get more done... for as litle as £1.33 a day

revital U has a new and exciting compensation plan, but has its roots in the network marketing business model:

You simply recommend products you love to people who you think would benefit, generating a modest amount of sales, and then teaching others to do the same.

Teaming up in this way (each person recommending a few products to their contacts who also recommend to their contacts and so on) has the potential to create a life-changing residual income for everybody.

When you join revital U International, you can work on your business in your spare time, around your existing commitments, and by joining my team you get my support and leadership to ensure your success.

So whether you want to earn more cash, or just want to become a product of the product to lose weight and feel revitalised:

Sign up as a Brand Influencer or a preferred customer today at HayleyHilton.RevitalU.co.uk (if you are UK-based) HayleyHilton.RevitalU.com (if you are in the US or Canada)

About Hayley Hilton

My name is Hayley Hilton and my Lucky Number is 13... If It's #UnluckyForSome then that just means it's #LuckyForEveryOneElse :-)
In addition to changing the perception of how we make our own luck in this life, i am also changing the perception of how people view Network Marketing... how to use teamwork to achieve time freedom and all with the help of scientifically advanced products that sell themselves through their visible results. All you need to do is take positive action...

I am fun-loving but hard-working with a strong faith in my fellow human beings and a love of personal development. I have 16 years experience in the scientific industry, from chemical testing of wound care and skin care products through to clinical research in infection control and medical devices. This affords me the utmost confidence in the Revital U International products that I market in my part-time, but also the understanding so I can explain the science to my customers and help my team in their understanding too.

Since joining 4Networking in September 2016 to promote my Revital U business, I have gained so much support from the other members in both business and personal development via multiple routes and am now proud to be an area leader within the North West.

Personally, I am happily married (no kids but we have a Rottweiler called Lola) with a successful dog home-boarding business called Hilton Hotel for Dogs (which you can find on Facebook) and have recently qualified as a Clinical Canine Massage Therapist to alleviate pain and mobility issues caused by disease or injury, and am building this through 4N too. I have a love of movies, theatre, fine-dining and everything science fiction (as well as science fact!).

Find me on Facebook and chat to your hearts content <3