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Sue Thomas
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Synergy Elite Health aims to help more than 10,000 people to better health naturally through resetting the health of the intestine - or microbiome.

Elite health is possible and a balanced and proerly fed microbiome is key to achieve it. Take control of your microbiome, unlock your potential and achieve elite health.

About Sue Thomas

There is a 2,500 year old saying - all disease begins in the intestine.

Are you struggling to solve an undiagnosed health issue? Do all your blood tests come back normal yet you are still exhausted all the time, don't sleep well and have bloating or acid reflux and IBS. Your hormones may be all over the place, weight has gone on over the last few years and daily everything feels just a bit to much like a grind! This is not how it should be!

You will have been told countless times there is nothing wrong but you know there is an underlying health issue that you are desperate to solve in order to live a full and energised life again.

The good news is you can take back control of your health by resetting your intestine or microbiome.
The results can be transformational including better hormone balance, weight loss, improved sleep, more energy, improved immunity, and a reduced reliance on medication.

If you want to take back complete control of your weight, hormone balance and health, but need help and guidance to achieve this naturally please do get in touch. Live life optimised!

As part of the Synergy Elite Health business I have also focused on helping more than 10,000 people get to better health by leveraging time through a network model. Sharing good practice with other professionals to help them help improve the wellbeing of their clients. If you are in the health and wellness sector and work with clients who have similar issues to those described above please do get in touch. If the work you do with them doesn't quite get the exact result resetting the microbiome is crucial. Access to the microbiome reset programme could allow your clients to get better results and have a knock on effect to your business reputation longterm.