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Ultimate Asset Finance, part of the Ultimate Finance Group are focused on providing fudning solutions to the SME sector.

Taking a "hands on" approach to funding, getting to know our clients business, understand what issues the business faces, what solution best fits the requirements. Every business is different and therefore requires an individual approach. SME's are the backbone of the economy and we at Ultimate are dedicated to ensuring the SME sector receiveds the most appropriate funding solution.

Flexible in our approach, attitude with a "open for business" attitutude. 



About Mike Dyson

Mike Dyson- An individual who has always enjoyed meeting and working with other people.

Formally lucky enough to play at youth level for Aston Villa FC, before serious knee injury cut short that aspiration.

Helping business owners, entreprenuers, directors understand the myriad of options in the finance world. Help them understand the options available to them and from that work with businesses to source and secure the "RIGHT FINANCE"  for their business needs. 


Ensuring the RIGHT FINANCE is in place is essential to ensure businesses are able to invest with confidence and clarity 

Funding covered across the following sectors; Asset Finance, vehicle finance, property development, bridging loans, invocie finance, commercial loans

23 years experience and expertise in the fiannce sector

Dynamic has now launched ( Sept 2017) its personal training offering to run alongside its business growth strategies- our aim-simply to help businesses be fit to grow and also to help the business owners, entreprenuers, directors be fitter, stronger, healthier in order to help them move their businesses forward. 

DYNAMIC- Always Evolving