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Lexicon Marketing can help you get your message across by providing clear, accurate, creative copy for websites, blogs, newsletters, leaflets, brochures and case studies. Plus we can help you become a published business book author.

Case studies

Tbe most powerful way to promote your business is through recommendations from satisfied customers. However, obtaining testimonials and case studies can be difficult, even from your best customers.

This is where Lexicon Marketing can help.

By conducting telephone interviews with your customers on your behalf, we can obtain detailed case studies. This gives you detailed stories about your service, narratives which future prospects can really identify with.

We write up approx 400 word case studies for you to use on your website, which can also be formatted as a pdf inc photos, with a clear 4-stage structure:

  1. The challenge your client faced
  2. Your proposed solution
  3. Your implementation
  4. Client results

We can work with just basic notes from you and/or a brief to phone your customer. The customer’s words are turned into a narrative + selected aspects put into quotation marks to make a good flow to the case study. Of course, both you and your client are able to approve the final version before upload to a website. 

Message me for prices.

Written a book but it's not finished or published?

Being a published author is the most powerful way to demonstrate your expertise and we can help you get to that position. From advising on structure, editing and proofreading, through to organising an Amazon listing and getting your book printed, we can guide you through the whole process. 

All four of 4N Founder Brad Burton's highly successful books have been edited by us, including his latest Amazon 5-star reviewed book, Now What? Here's me with Brad at the launch of the book at The Business Show in November 2016.

To move your book from a dream to a reality, let's have a conversation...



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