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Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner, working from 2 locations, Tunbridge Wells Kent and South Molton Street Mayfair. 

I help people with a variiety of issues, however,confidence, anxiety/ stress, fears and phobias are the main areas of my work. I also help people with sleep, addictions etc.. so from stage, sport exam, interview confidence and more, to people gaining a good nights sleep and overcoming various anxietys, empowering people to live their lives how they would truly like to is my total passion.

People ask me what is hypnotherapy, and the  easiest way to describe it, is if you think of an iceberg. Your conscious mind is the bit you see above the waterline and the majority of it is the subconscious mind under the water line, which drives the consious mind, so the bit you don't see, and where everything youve learned is stored. I alter self limting beliefs by putting you into a relaxed state, which is hypnotic state and changing any self limiting beliefs. I get to the core so that any issues are dealt with permanently, as i have many tools in my toolkit, and its not a one size fits all. 

I also offer a free telephone conversation to ensure that im the right therapist, as trust is paramount when choosing a therapist. 

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About Dolina Hendry

Hi I'm Dolina, a clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner. My real passion is helping people overcome self limiting beliefs, giving people confidence to do what theywant to do with their lives. 

I also love helping people overcome fears Phobias anxiety and stresses , and of course i also help people quit smoking and various addictions. I work from two locations, locally in Tunbridge Wells and from South Molton Street Mayfair. Seeing people what they want to achieve, empowering people, from stage confidence, sports confidence to getting over various fears anxietys and phobias is so very rewarding. 

In my spare time, I'm trying to teach myself to play guitar as music is also another passion, I have such an eclectic taste, from Neil Young to Opera. I used to sing in Scottish gaelic when i was young, actually i still do, especially when no one is listening. 

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