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Toni Louise Stanton OSSM (Dip) MISRM CHNC MSMA Rock Doc qualified as a Level 5 Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage practitioner in 2015 after a 22 year career in the Royal Army Medical Corps as an Environmental Health Professional.

Toni set up TLS Sports Massage and Remedial Therapy in 2015. She has also completed the Applied Movement Neurology Neuro-Skeletal Certification Course and is a qualified Rock Doc. She is a member of the Institute of Sport and Remedial Massage, Complementary and National Healthcare Council and the Sports Massage Association.  

Background (The Geeky Bit!). During Toni’s 22 years colour service, she specialised in Army Health which partially resulted in collecting vast amounts of data to adopt policy and adapt procedural working to prevent man-power wastage.  

This is carried out by looking at the environment, the individual and how to prevent illness and injury so as to achieve the mission, not to be a burden on each other and the biggest driver… to save money.  The biggest loss of manpower or working hours in a non operational environment is down to muscular skeletal injuries and this is how TLS SMART came about.


Sports and Remedial Massage is not designed just for athletes. Which is why Soft Tissue Massage is a more relevant description. Today the main workforce is office based and the effect sitting a desk has can be seen in the postural problems of the population.  This combined with laptops, computers, smart phones and tablets are having an affect on the soft tissue and musculoskeletal complaints we see a lot of in todays society.  The conception of TLS SMART is to help people feel better and aid in recovery for the aches and pains every day life brings.