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Clare Cross
Professional Call Minders

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01905 755320
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Take a FREE telephone answering trial today and give your callers a great first impression of your business. You'll never miss another call. Call 01905 755320

Are you worried you might be losing important calls? Do you want your business to be presented well over the phone? Then look no further - give us a call and take a free telephone answering trial.

We are a UK based friendly and experienced telephone answering team and we operate from lovely open plan offices in Worcester. We look after a broad range of businesses that need a professional edge and want to give their callers the personal touch. Simply divert your incoming calls to your dedicated line. All calls are answered in your company name and messages are sent to you by text or email or both, it's exactly as if we are in your premises. Plus it's completely free to transfer calls to you. Plus there are no set up fees and we don't tie you in on contracts!

You decide when you need the service and there are also options for short term and holiday cover. Our telephone answering team are flexible around your needs and have the ability to recognise your VIP contacts which creates a seamless experience for your callers.

The diary management team not only answer calls but manage live diaries for clinics, salons and any business that needs to give 1:1 attention to clients without the interruption of phone calls. Callers can make appointments and bookings can be made on any number of diary systems. We also manage cancellations and provide callers with any other relevant details.

Our team are passionate about delivering great customer service, it's a bond that unites us. We don't just take messages in a robotic way, our telephone answering team get to know you and your business and really do deliver an outstanding service - check out some of our reviews!

If you would like to offer telephone answering to your clients then we have an affiliate scheme and also a white label service which is amazing - check out our website for details!


About Clare Cross

I joined Professional Call Minders in October 2016 as Sales & Marketing Manager and with a specific mission - to help the business owner Sarah Preece to get the business to the next level.  The first thing to do was to identify what the 'next level' looks like and once we'd nailed that it was time to crack on with the job.

With previous experience of setting up, running and then selling a call centre business, my passion for professional telephone answering knows no bounds!  If I was a superhero I would rid the world of answer machines and voicemails!  Live telephone answering makes a business look bigger and crucially it means that you will never miss another call.  

There is an excellent team of people here and we operate from lovely open plan offices in Worcester - we're all together, no homeworkers and we're united in our quest to provide exceptional customer service.  There are no robots, we don't just take messages and pass them on, we invest time in our clients and our clients put their trust in us to represent their businesses brilliantly over the phone.

Alongside telephone answering services we provide diary management for clinics and salons, service desk support, overflow lines and customer order lines.  We work with a broad variety of businesses from one man bands to multi nationals.  We work on our client retention, nothing is taken for granted and we're mindful that we are only as good as the last call that we handle.

Please check out our website for more details or call us on 01905 755320