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Denis Thurley
RED Virtual Office

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01793 862000
Location: Highworth

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17th May 2018
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31st Jan 2008
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  • Telephone answering service
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We'll help you:
GROW YOUR BUSINESS: by taking the calls you would otherwise have missed when you're busy with clients, on another call or working on a project . You won't miss any more potential new business.
SAVE TIME: don't let the phone interrupt what you're doing - return calls when your Time Management plan allows not just because the phone rings. And we filter out the cold callers at no charge.
IMPROVE YOUR IMAGE: think how impressed callers will be that you have a team of Receptionists answering your calls from 08:30 - 18:00 Monday to Friday!!
SAVE MONEY: our service will save you over 90% of the cost of hiring a new member of staff to do all this (and save you the headache of dealing with illness, holidays, national insurance etc etc). You only pay a small share of the cost of your PAs.

AND if you're a member of 4N you can take us for a Two Week Free Trial
Call us on 01793 862000

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& if you need any help along the way, gimmee a bell.